Mysterious Mythical Dragon Event Guide


The Mysterious Mythical Dragon event is a byte-exchange event running from 11/13/2017 to 11/18/2017 featuring Grankuwagamon as the main boss. The event also features Boltmon and Plesiomon as additional bosses.This guide will cover the basics of the event, general tips and strategies for how to make your expert runs more efficient.

Exchange Rates

You get an average of 1-2 Mysterious Data Bytes from the expert stage and 0-1 bytes from the hard stage (though it is easier) from running the event. Encountering Boltmon can give you up to 8 additional bytes on expert, and Plesiomon can reward you with either Mysterious Data Bytes or Mythical Dragon Bytes.

GranKuwagamon fragments cost 7 Mysterious Data Bytes each for the first 7 fragments. The remaining 50 fragments cost 15 data bytes each. Boltmon’s fragments cost 10 Mysterious Data Bytes each for the first 7, then 20 each for the remaining 50. Plesiomon’s fragments require Mythical Dragon Data Bytes. The first 7 fragments cost 1 data byte each and the remaining 50 fragments cost 2 bytes each.

Boltmon, GranKuwagamon
Plesiomon Frag
General Tips

Like previous events, the expert level requires you to have +3/+4 megas to be truly effective and not be dead-weight to your team. If you don’t have a mega at +3 or above, farm the hard level as it’s more time effective and you’ll be more likely to clear the stage. Some of the best megas to run this event that you can have at +3 or above are:

  • Seraphimon
  • Ophanimon
  • Kuzuhamon
  • Piedmon
  • HerculesKabuterimon
  • Puppetmon
  • ST Wargreymon

The mobs in this event are neutral types meaning they’ll be weak to bright and abyss damage. Similarly, the boss, GranKuwagamon, resists every element besides neutral, bright, and abyss, being weak to bright and abyss on hard and taking neutral damage from them on expert. However, GranKuwagamon deals earth damage with his signature so keep that in mind when choosing a team. Whenever you run the stage, there’s a small chance that you’ll encounter a bonus room where you can fight either Boltmon or Plesiomon. Both Boltmon and Plesiomon are weak to fire damage with Boltmon taking neutral damage from nature on expert and double damage on hard. Everything else is resisted. You can increase the chances of encountering the extra stage by pulling for a chip from the Mysterious Mythical Dragon Special Chip Capture. If you want to farm this event hard and want to make the most of your stones, we recommend to do 1 10-pull from the chip banner then use stones for stamina refills and use sites that have a Digimon Links community, like Discord or Facebook, to find co-op partners with B chips or better.

Expert Level Tips

This event can be pretty annoying given how each wave has at least one digimon that can put one of your digimon to sleep. Seraphimon works especially well this event since all the floors, except the bonus room, have multiple targets that need to be cleared quickly.

On the first wave you’ll encounter two Digitamamons and a Mamemon. The Digitamamons have the ability to put your digimon to sleep thanks to their signature skill and they’ll use their signature skill on the first turn and every 3 turns after that. As such, they should be your primary focus for attacks. While the Mamemon does some damage it is not as devastating as losing a mega for up to 4 turns thanks to sleep.

On the second wave, you’ll encounter a Digitamamon and two Mamemons. Luckily the Digitamamon will wait for 6 turns before using its signature giving you plenty of time to defeat it. Your focus on this floor should be the 2 Mamemons then the Digitamamon as it doesn’t deal much damage with its basic attacks.

On the third wave, you’ll encounter GranKuwagamon, a Mamemon and a Digitamamon. Like the previous wave, the Digitamamon will wait 6 turns before using its signature. Your focus of attack should be GranKuwagamon then Mamemon or Digitamamon depending on how close you are to the 6th turn.

GranKuwagamon Fight

On some rare occasions, when you complete the GranKuwagamon room, you’ll encounter an extra room with either Boltmon or Plesiomon. The extra room is pretty similar to previous boss rooms with one digimon as both Boltmon and Plesiomon will use their signature whenever they have 3 AP.

Boltmon Fight

A suggested team composition would be 2 Seraphimons at +3 or higher and a ST WarGreymon at +3 or higher. The Seraphimons should be able to clear the mobs and the GranKuwagamon floors fairly easily if AP is spent wisely. The WarGreymon will normally act as a tank/AP restorer and is there only for damage in the event you encounter the extra room.

Keep in mind that there are other viable team compositions than this and you should experiment to see what works for you.

Good luck, Tamers!